Portraits and Headshots

A professional portrait is essential now for your business card or your website. I provide just that and more for $ 175. a shoot. I also photograph fashion, seniors and family group shots.

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Photographing your party or corporate setting is a great way to maintain those moments forever. I cover all sorts of events from dance competitions to seminars and workshops.  

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I have worked with numerous companies that wanted to bring their marketing to the next level. I travel directly to your work environment to capture your company story. 

Landscapes and Cityscapes

There are so many different photos for sale now that it is hard to find something unique and beautiful. I deliver prints to you with exceptional detail that are great to hang on your wall or to promote your business.

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The only way to do great work is to love what you do.

I am a portrait/event photographer based out of Scottsdale Arizona. I am very comfortable with a camera in my hands and I have the ability to make a great photo in every situation. I also cover commercial photography and prints. When I'm working with a client, I understand the need and vision of what they want. To focus fully on their final product, I can only accept a few shoots a week to give them the best quality. My price starts at $ 175 for portrait shoots. Contact me about your pricing to suit your needs. 


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These pictures are beautiful! You are so talented. You have perfectly captured my heart for my son!
— Anne-Marie
This is fabulous stuff. Both technically and the way you catch people. Great work.
— Craig Mcclure